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The Energy Crisis – What Is Happening? Most Importantly, What Can We Do?

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Over the last few months, it would seem impossible to not have been affected by the energy crisis. The prices of energy have been on a steep increase all year, however it was April where customers saw a severe price climb as the energy price cap shot up from £1’277 to £1’971 resulting in fees across the country skyrocketing. However now eyes are set on winter, in which temperatures will drop meaning a higher demand for gas and electricity which could result in the price cap shooting above £3’000 according to reports. However, this isn’t the only thing people are having to worry about, now the price of petrol has also seen a severe price increase. Meanwhile, current general inflation is sitting at around 8.2%, meaning that everyone is feeling the pinch. Conversations around this energy crisis are often based on sustainable energy, which many believe would solve the problems seen around the country in this moment.

However, the plant and machinery industry is looking to combat issues around energy. As an industry that uses a large amount of fuel, little steps can lead to big differences. There is also little time left to act, especially when considering the government has set an aim to be net zero as a country by 2050. We as an industry have a big part to play in this goal.

We are very proud to say that our clients and operators are making big strides to pave the way for our industry to become greener. One great initiative is using Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to fuel plant equipment, which is currently under trial by Griffiths and Chepstow Plant International. This initiative means that there is a chance that regular fuel would no longer be needed, which would greatly reduce carbon emissions. This type of fuel also requires no change in engine design and works seamlessly with modern vehicles.

There are also plenty of other smaller changes that can be taken in office spaces. Such as, using less paper and instead storing files or documents digitally, ensuring that offices recycle in an efficient manner and where possible using personal vehicles less by instead car-pooling or travelling on foot if not going far.

Mando Solutions are a remote supply partner who specialise in the deployment of reliable, safe and competent plant operators across the United Kingdom. As a business that prides itself on delivering value through our people, we are aiming to positively contribute to the minimising of carbon emissions. One example of where we do this, is during our pre-deployment process, ensuring operators “switch off” their machinery during a state in which the vehicle is not productive. However, also ensuring that this is safe to do so in conjunction with our client’s procedures. We want to be the drive in in this process becoming the standard industry-wide, also resulting in a decrease of our clients’ fuel cost.   

The evidence is clear that there needs to be changes around the country in order to combat climate change, our industry and workplaces are no different, so little changes we can all make help combat the climate crisis. So, let’s get to it. 

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