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We specialise in the recruitment of professionals who support directly and indirectly the quarrying, mining and construction sectors.

What we offer

  • We offer a flexible service so we can adapt to any rapidly changing needs.
  • Providing short and long term, temporary and permanent staffing solutions to the quarrying, mining and construction sectors nationwide. Managing clients and candidates; sourcing new business opportunities; ensuring deadlines are met whilst not compromising the quality of our work.
  • We are a specialist resourcing business that brings the best candidates and the industry together. We achieve this by practising one simple methodology: Listen. Tailor. Deliver.
Safety and competency

Safety and competency are at the core of our objectives, ensuring that both temporary and permanent candidates are fully engaged and understand their responsibilities with both these fundamental pre-requisites.

We find

Plant Operators & Skilled Labour the first time round

The list below captures the roles we commonly recruit for but we have the expertise to recruit across most areas within the industry; it depends on the individual requirements of our clients.

Articulated Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Excavator, Labourer, Site Supervisor, Wheeled Loading Shovel, Rigid Dump Truck, Telehandler, Fixed Plant Operative, Weighbridge clerk, Skilled labour

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Temporary recruitment

Temporary Recruitment is at the heart of our business, from candidate registration through to deployment. We provide the support to ensure the process in both efficient and user-friendly communication through the process is obviously critical to ensure both a seamless sequence as well as a clear understanding in how to safely interact with the duties ahead.

Below is our recruitment process
  • Complete our online registration or register over the phone
  • Competency assess and check accreditations
  • Complete a telephone screening including a health and safety conversation with the potential candidates
  • Filter potential candidates – this is a robust process that we take pride in. We check Right To Work, Accreditations, Work History and Reference check all potential candidates; matching their experience on equipment and environment to the job and client
  • Candidate ready for deployment
Some of the detail of our Registration Process include
  • What accreditations does the candidate have?
  • How long has the candidate been operating that equipment for? 
  • The equipment the candidates has experience on – detailing what make, model and size of machinery they have experience on
  • What task has the candidate been completing on that piece of machinery?
  • What environment are they used to working in?
  • Confirmation of operators accreditations
  • Confirm full PPE
  • Detail work history
  • References 

Permanent recruitment

We offer a range of solutions for your permanent resourcing needs, based on your requirements we can recommend the most cost-effective and hassle-free method for you. These solutions include...


Most of our clients choose to use this method for their more common roles. We take a thorough brief from you to ensure we have an accurate candidate profile, Mando then take this profile to the market, conduct screening interviews and draw up a short-list of must-see talent. We don’t stop there, as a trusted recruitment partner we will support you through the entire recruitment process and beyond.

  • We produce results quickly
  • Allows you to have access to all our available resources
  • We will provide you with a short-list of candidates that match your desired profile
  • Gives you access to a recruitment expert to guide you through the process

An exclusive agreement is where a client agrees to give us a period of exclusivity on a particular role or roles. This could be anything from 2 to 4 weeks and it means the vacancy gains a very high priority throughout that exclusive period to ensure that we get a number of relevant profiles to you in that time.

  • We can give you exclusivity before we submit candidates for any other vacancies
  • A specialist recruiter will be 100% focused on securing the best talent for you
Retained Search

A retained search is when a client works exclusively with one recruitment company on a specific assignment or on a role that is proving difficult to fill. This is typically used for roles which are business critical. Retained searches are often reserved for middle to senior management roles but can be employed to ensure lower level roles are also filled in a timely and consistent fashion.

  • It ensures commitment from both sides
  • Using headhunting techniques we would thoroughly research the market, uncovering highly relevant passive candidates
  • The candidates we speak to on your behalf are exclusive to you unless you reject them from the process, helping to avoid the scenario of candidates accepting other offers.

Continuous improvement

Our continuous improvement measurements are an important element to our recruitment supply performance: appropriate deployment and retention of personnel is a fundamental key objective for both a safe and high-quality service

Operative Review:

All operatives are screened and have to pass a number of stage gates before deployment:

  • Right to work in the UK is confirmed
  • Accreditations are confirmed
  • Work history is confirmed covering equipment types, environments, durations
  • References are in place
Placed Operatives:
  • Our placement confirmation process ensures that both the client requirement and operative overview have been communicated and understood.
  • Our clients have sight of the placement confirmation form outlining this detail pre-deployment
  • Our operatives are clearly communicated the brief and understand the requirements of the placement.
  • This information is subsequently reviewed as the placement progresses. If there are any discrepancies or changes we are then able to implement control measures to support clarity of information flow

A critical statistic for our business is to measure and manage our operator retention position.
The retention levels we currently provide demonstrate not only the repeat business we achieve but the targeted quality of personnel we provide. This is a high priority driven through our Continuous Improvement Department which also supports our key objective for all of us which is Zero Risk.

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