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Health and Safety
Mando Solutions will be holding its Annual Safety Day on March 3rd in South Wales. The day will bring together our maintenance and office team so we can all refresh our focus and mindsets with our approach to safe working standards.

Kirk Phillips, our Head of Engineering, will take the reins and present a thorough overview of our safety standards over the past 12 months and everything we need to know to ensure that the following 12 months remain safe.

Kirk will present to us all:
  • Hazard identification through Near Miss reporting
  • Our perception of what a hazard or potential dangerous occurrence represents
  • How we should deal with them should they arise
  • The importance of reporting these hazards
  • Cover how different people in the workplace, such as pregnant workers and visitors, can pose different types of hazards and how to properly safeguard these individuals
  • Set clear objectives to how we get our clients to share information regarding any incidents or Near Miss occurrences with our workforce

It’s important to us at Mando that all of our staff and contractors are working safely and therefore these safety days are especially important so that our staff members are fully aware of risks. We trust that 2018 will be a safe, prosperous year for everybody at Mando.

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