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Paying Our Operators The Right Way


Money is obviously important when it comes to work. In life, we have endless responsibilities and bills to pay, so it’s essential that our hard work is reflected in our pay.

Here at Mando, we focus on providing the most compliant payment options for our operators. We aim to be both reliable and consistent. The only way we can achieve this is by being complaint to HMRC regulations in regards to payment services. 

Since the change of HMRC rules in 2015, the operators deployed by Mando cannot be treated as self-employed, and paid as such, due to the different classifications of workers outlined by the HMRC. According to the HMRC classifications, the operators we place are all fall under the cliassifcaiton of ‘they are under the supervision or control of a manager or director1’. Self-employed workers find and carry out work themselves, are not under any supervision or control and ‘use their own money to buy business assets, cover running costs, and provide tools and equipment for their work2. This is why we, as a company, are unable to pay our mobile plant operators on a CIS basis.

We understand that this can be frustrating when other companies are offering other the CIS payment options that we do not consider are compliant. We feel that these are likely to bring exposure to the individual paid in this way, but also to our end client as we think this is a clear breach of HMRC rules. We would like to reassure all of our current operators, and possible future operators, that we only work alongside other businesses that we can trust to give you the best payment options to maximize pay through a close working relationship and audit.

Please remember that Mando values its workers and their hard work. We aim to reward all of our operators for their dedication and reliability, but we need to do so in a compliant and honest way.

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