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Mando Solutions Annual Safety Day 28th April 2018

Health and Safety

Health & Safety is paramount to everything we do at Mando Solutions, and as such we share our clients’ values and are committed to building a ‘Zero Harm’ culture that resonates through all aspects of our business.

In our 11th year of business, we set out to maintain and develop independent culture through such platforms as regular issuing of industry relevant toolbox talks and through our Mando Solutions Safety Days, where we address such key topics as hazard identification, risk assessments, isolation and lock off procedures, near miss reporting, hand arm vibration and working at height to name but a few.

On Saturday 28th April 2018, to coincide with World Health & Safety at Work Day, we held our Annual Mando Solutions Safety Day. Our safety days are not only educational but also generate useful discussions around the safety aspects of the industry that we work in. We cover various industry relevant subjects and encourage learning through presentation & practical exercises and provide an open forum for discussion on important aspects of health and safety, which forms a key part of our Continued Professional Development.

The main focus of our safety day this year was centred on changing the mind-set, promoting a consistent culture, understanding and mindset to further develop the proactive safety culture through all aspects of our business, Engineering, Recruitment and Training.

Also attending the day was one of our Regional Safety Co-ordinator Stacey Bromley who commented:

“The safety day was well organised, very well presented and awesome that management was there too as I didn’t expect that. Having management there reminds you it’s a person behind the company with an aim, goal and purpose… One of the biggest messages I took home from there is just how much Mando will do to make sure we all go home at the end of the working day alive safe and well.”

Stacey Bromley, Safety Coordinator South West Operator

We focused on the way we approach our work, continuously risk assessing the tasks we’re completing, whether that be, as with our site maintenance operatives, through completing Point of Risk Work Assessments (POWRAs), or subconsciously for the likes of our plant operatives and office based team, identifying preventative and protective measures by evaluating the risks arising from the hazards we face, assessing the effectiveness of any existing control measures, and deciding whether or not the risk is acceptable. This is a vital tool that we all possess to allow us to create the safest possible work environment for all involved in any task we complete.

At Mando Solutions we actively encourage all our maintenance and plant operatives to be vigilant whilst on site and proactive in reporting any incidents or unsafe practices they come across. We do this through our Near Miss System. A Near Miss by definition is ‘an unplanned, unwanted event that had the potential to lead to injury, damage or loss but did not’ and as such Near Miss reporting was one key topics for this years’ safety day.

During our safety day there were several scenario-based activities that engaged us in positive discussions centred on hazard identification, risk assessing and the reporting of unsafe acts and behaviours, through group exercises such as completing Near Miss Reports and Point of Risk Work Assessments for the scenarios provided.

This year we were fortunate to have Barry John, Tarmac Area Operations Manager for South Wales, participating in our Safety Day. Barry’s contribution to the day was invaluable for all of us and reinforced our shared values and commitments in working together to achieving a ‘Zero Harm’ culture. Barry discussed Tarmac’s ‘Key Topics’ which align with ours and gave us an insight into how one of our strategic partners propels Health and Safety to the forefront of its business.

It’s important to us at Mando Solutions that we operate as more than just a recruitment agency, engineering site maintenance support or training provider. We aim to be fully engaged with our clients and operators on all health and safety matters. The recruitment team are well-versed in how the sites operate and frequently pay visits across the UK to deepen our understanding of the industry. Our MPQC training arm provides high-quality training and qualifications that ensures all operatives are fully engaged with the industry and understand how sites operate. And our engineering site maintenance operatives are trained across all aspects of mechanical and quarry operations to ensure that sites are running safely and smoothly.

As a way to further develop understanding and appreciation through the recruitment team, they will all be taking part in simulator program for ADT and Wheeled Loading Shovel so they can remotely experience what it is like to operate the equipment in all types of circumstances and conditions. This program will result in a certificate for all successful participants. The course will be carried out to an MPQC standard.

Together, we operate as a safety driven unit that provides all-round support through high quality operators, site maintenance operatives and training. We challenge ourselves everyday so that we work safe but more importantly we go home safe.

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