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Importance of Mental Health at Mando

Mental Health

Mando Solutions is a business that continually strives to suitably engage its workforce with the safe working practices required for their long term security. With this in mind, we are looking to support the awareness of the health and wellbeing of our operators. We are here to help, should any person feel they need to discuss issues concerning them at site or otherwise as well as promoting key factors in our approach to a sustainable, healthy workforce.

Key factors to consider;
  • Your working environment is controlled – Dust, housekeeping, welfare facilities.
  • Working hours – work sleep balance is key to a clear and focused mind set as well as the physical effects lack of sleep or continuous long working hours can have.
  • Healthy eating – supports your physical wellbeing as well as your mental attitude.

These are just brief but obvious examples in how we can all not only do what’s best for ourselves and our families in life but supports our ability to deliver a safe and productive days’ work in a sustainable way.

We will be engaging shortly with some of our national clients to look to how we can further support all in the Mando business. We will be circulating further information as well as interacting with live workshop events to raise awareness of this critical issue

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