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Getting Festive…

We’re getting festive at Mando Solutions, and for good reason.
First Day of Winter

It’s official – It’s winter. I know it’s felt like we’ve already had our winter because of the panicked few days of snow. Sites were closed and people were stuck at home in their warm beds (what a shame) as roads weren’t safe. However, December 21st marks the official start of Winter, meaning that it’s officially the start of mulled cider and hot chocolates. It also starts the countdown to Spring… all the way in March.

Mando Christmas Party

December 15th was the Mando Christmas party. It was a 70’s and 80’s music themed night, so we all got our best outfits on and got down to the music. We all had a great time dancing to a bit of Earth, Wind & Fire. We ate and drank the night away and overall it was just a fantastic evening. The Mando staff are usually quite spread out all over the UK as we work nationwide, so it’s great for us to all get together and catch up.

It’s Finally Christmas

I feel as though the countdown to Christmas this year has been extra long. Maybe we started the Christmas songs a bit too early. We finish for the Christmas break today and we’re going to have our Secret Santa gifts. It will be my first gift of the season so as soon as that wrapping is off, Christmas has started.

Getting Festive

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