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Autumn Is Finally Here


The New Season

Autumn is that time of year when the weather gets cooler (and wetter), the leaves start to change, and your social calendar becomes more hectic with Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas shopping and, eventually, Christmas itself.


More importantly, due to the weather changes, finding work can be more difficult as grounds become wetter and harder to manoeuvre around. We provide work over most of Wales and England where the average rainfall during the autumn season is about 50 days that totals to around 150-250mm. We also average around 20-30 days of ground frost. This is not ideal for the quarry work in which we specialise. However, do not despair as we also average between 280-320 hours of sunshine.

It’s also made more difficult by the inevitably shorter days as work cannot be completed in the dark. By the time we reach October, the UK gets on average 11 hours of daylight. Luckily, this is long enough for a full work day and is a perfect opportunity for our clients to finalise any projects.

Here to Help

What is most important to remember is that you have the support of Mando Solutions behind you during these more difficult months. Next year’s spring and summer may seem a lifetime away, but Mando will never let a good operator down. Mando reward hard work and dedication and reciprocate by finding you consistent and reliable work.

Mando work alongside many important clients with numerous sites across the UK. There will always be work to be done and we take pride in being able to find that work for you at the best rate possible.

Safety Is Key

Whilst our message here is to assure you guys that we adapt our client strategy to continuous work in line with seasonal change, this is also a safety related message with regards to change in ground and weather conditions: Check your speed in relation to weather and surface conditions, daylight gets shorter so be visible on site to your work colleagues and ensure your assessments of all risks on site cater for the environment and conditions you work in.

We are here to support you so if you have any concerns please speak to your site supervisor/manager or contact this office immediately

Don’t forget to give us a call on 01291 435440 or register with us online if you want to be kept up to date with work through the autumn and winter season.

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